Monday, July 8, 2013

The Womb Mates Episode 45: Street Walking Cheetah With a Handful of Comics!

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Episode 44 "Explicit"


The Twins (@JamesJFord and @thunderduck360 on twitter) kick back and talk about the comics they've been reading such as... NOWHERE MEN #1, X-FACTOR #68, PAPERCUTTER and MULTIPLE WARHEADS #1.

They also talk about some of the KICKSTARTER projects they've been backing (and they back A LOT of them). Some of the projects are The Great Gaias , R X Manga , Guns of Shadow Valley , World War Kaiju and The Webcomic Handbook !!!

Then they finish off with some Apps they've been having fun with like Dulingo!

Shout outs go to... @NextElementPod at , @ATGNPodcast at All Things Good and Nerdy and of course @AEWpodcast at An Elegant Weapon