Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 107: Things That Make You Say……Whaaat?

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Issue #107

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The Intrepid Trio is a Daring Duo for this week’s issue of Mighty Marvel Geeks. Eric is at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Lodge and wifi is kinda sketchy there…what else would you expect from a Top Secret location? Mike and Kylan bring the news and picks you’ve grown to expect from your favorite Marvel podcast! Kylan kicks things off with the Agent Carter wrap up. It was two hour event, so there was much to be discussed. Episode 6 “Life of the Party” and Episode 7 “Monsters” were action packed and did not disappoint. Mike then jumped in with talk about the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool! Mike broke shared a story about a Marvel character that was used, but was outside of Fox’s reach..sorta. He then confirmed Kylan’s observation last week about the final battle taking place on a decommissioned helicarrier. Kylan then brought all of the numbers, including how Deadpool broke The Force Awakens record in Russia!! Mike then wrapped up the Deadpool talk with an article about how Wolverine 3 will be rated R. This led to a discussion about R rated comic movies in general and why it is a bad idea for Wolverine in particular. Mike then wrapped up the news talk with how Facebook has listed Tony Stark and Steve Roger’s relationship as “complicated” leading up to Civil War and how Agents of SHIELD is bringing in Slingshot and beefing up the Secret Warriors.

This week was Mike’s pick for the Marvel Unlimited book of the week and he picked Hulk: Grey Issue 1(2003).

Eric did manage to leave his pick of the week so, here is the Mighty Marvel Geeks Picks of the Week!!

X-Men:Worst X-Man Ever #1

Drax #4

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5

Hercules #4

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #4

Howling Commandoes of SHIELD #5

Daredevil #4

Angela: Queen of Hel #5

All New, All Different Avengers #6

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